Dear Customer,
in compliance with the legal obligations envisaged by the Italian legislation for the protection of your privacy, 6RE wants to inform you in advance as to the use of your personal data and about your rights in this matter:

1.   The data that you provide to us will be treated in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, fairness, relevance and proportionality, for the fulfillment of legal obligations and order to  fulfil the brokerage task concerning the purchase / sale / letting of the real estate you are interested in, even before the conclusion of a contract, and your data will be kept and processed just for the time necessary to fulfil this task;

2.   Please note that the provision of data strictly pertinent to the assignment of real estate brokerage is compulsory and any refusal to provide such details may result in failure or partial performance of the above-mentioned contractual relationship. By contrast, the conferment of the following personal data: mobile phone number, email address, fax or other suitable data that facilitates the communication between the parties, is of optional nature; any refusal to provide such information has therefore no consequence.

3.   It may be requested that you provide certain information pursuant to the regulations against money laundering. Please be informed that the processing of personal data related to money laundering obligations take place with specific modalities of execution imposed by the Italian law. In view of the above,  the refusal to provide such information precludes the requested service, and may result in a report to the competent authority.

4.   The data controller is Gianpaolo Rabazzi, with head office in Siena, Vicolo del Viscione, 9 - Siena; 

5.   The strictly necessary data will be processed manually and/or electronically, solely in order to fulfil the requested service, and it will be collected in a data base in our offices.  The personal data that we are not obliged to keep will be erased or made anonymous. Please be informed that the softwares used for the management of any collected information have been configured, in origin, in order to minimize the use of identifying data. Your personal information may be disclosed to our trusted technicians in order to carry out any pertinent investigation of a property and of your person at the Real Estate Registry, at the Cadastry and / or other institutions, organizations or official registries. We also mention the possibility to communicate certain details regarding the description of a property to other real estate agencies in order to improve the real estate search.

6.   Moreover, solely for the purposes indicated above and in relation to the specific relationship between you and our network, the collected data will only be disclosed to assigned employees and external collaborators appointed to the processing.

7.   You have the right to contact the data controller at any time in order to obtain the status of your personal data. You also have the right to request an update, integration, rectification or erasure of your personal data, and to freeze it or object to its treatment. We specify that the cancellation and freezing of data only concerns data processed in violation of the law and that an integration of your data may occur solely if you have a precise interest. You can object to the processing of your personal data, if it is carried out for the purpose of sending advertising material or direct selling or for the performance of market or commercial surveys. In any other case, the objection requires a rightful reason.

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